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Navigating the 'new normal' of motherhood with virtual postpartum doula services

Hey there, new mama! Are you in need of some support after your baby is born, but not interested in having someone physically present in your home? Virtual postpartum doula support might be the perfect solution for you.

Postpartum doulas provide support in the first weeks after birth. They provide informational support about feeding and caring for the baby. As a postpartum doula and certified breastfeeding specialist, I am able to provide non-judgmental support, a listening ear, and a sounding board to new parents as they navigate the challenges of parenthood. I can offer support and guidance on a variety of topics related to caring for a newborn, including soothing techniques, sleep routines, breastfeeding and pumping. I am also able to troubleshoot pumping issues, teach paced-feeding methods to assist with transitioning from bottle to breast, and help mothers size themselves for their flange to make the process of pumping comfortable and more efficient.

Through phone calls and video chats, I can provide the same level of support as an in-person doula, but without invading your space or disrupting your home life. I am here to support you as you adjust to your new role and can also refer you to other professionals or resources if needed.

Virtual postpartum doula support is a great option for new parents who want the support of a doula but prefer not to have someone physically present in their home. If you're interested in this type of support, I encourage you to reach out and schedule a consultation. With the right support, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence.

If you are interested in getting virtual support, click here!


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