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Calm in the Chaos: A Guide to a Restful Postpartum Experience

As a postpartum doula, I get asked a lot of questions about what we do. I've shared a lot about the role of a postpartum doula in my other blog posts, so I'll give you the shortened version.     We're often referred to as baby whisperers, but really, we are mother-focused. We are there to support the whole family as they welcome new life, but our priorities lie in mothering the mother during a time when so much revolves around the baby.      Sure, we provide expert newborn care, but we are also there to make sure mom's resting, comfortable, and staying nourished so that she can properly heal the baby-sized wound in her belly.     In our 'hustle and bustle' society, there's been a message circulating, that's left many women with the impression that they should bounce back as quickly as possible after having their baby. Well, I'm here to spread another message. You can have a slow and restful postpartum that doesn't involve you losing out at
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World Doula Week: Celebrating the Impact of Doulas

Today begins the celebratory week of Doulas, World Doula Week~ March 22nd through March 28th. This week has become a time for reflection on how I came to know this work and how it has changed me as a caregiver and a person.  If you don’t know what a doula is, well, I’ll just start by telling you what they don’t do: deliver babies! 'If you know, you know.' If you’re a doula, you’ve likely been asked this.   What we do is support the mother from the time of conception to delivery, through postpartum, and often through the baby’s first year of life. In the Greek language, doula means a woman who serves.  We serve the mother during a time when talk of the baby might feel like it silences her inner voice, telling her to reach out for extra love and tenderness. We serve her because often we’ve felt times in our own womanhood/motherhood journey when we’ve desired this level of support, a listening ear, and a calming essence. Someone to validate our feelings and not pass judgment.  It&

Nurturing the Journey: Becoming a Postpartum Doula

A Guide to Becoming a Postpartum Doula  For many women, welcoming a new life into the world is a miraculous and transformative experience. The birth of a baby marks the birth of a mother. Across diverse cultures globally, the postpartum period, also known as matrescence is a time of transition in nearly every facet of a woman's life, as beautifully noted by Kelsey Borresen in Huff Post. It holds profound significance, casting a sacred light on a woman's journey. As a postpartum professional, your role is crucial in supporting her. This blog post will guide you on how to embark on the rewarding journey of becoming a postpartum doula, providing holistic care and empowering mothers on their breastfeeding journeys. Understanding the Role of a Postpartum Doula: A postpartum doula is a trained professional who extends physical, emotional, and informational support  to mothers during the postpartum period. Beyond the essential newborn care, your role encompasses aiding a mother in a

Ensuring an adequate milk supply

The beautiful journey of becoming a mother often comes with its own set of challenges, and for many breastfeeding moms, ensuring an optimal milk supply is a top priority. In this blog post, I'll share practical tips and strategies to help you maintain healthy milk production for your little one.  Embrace Lots of Skin-to-Skin Contact  The magic of skin-to-skin, a.k.a. Kangaroo Mother Care  cannot be emphasized enough. This intimate connection with your baby not only strengthens your bond but also stimulates milk production. Spending quality time holding your baby skin-to-skin helps trigger the release of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for your milk ejection reflex. So, cuddle up with your little one as much as possible.  Stay Hydrated Proper hydration is key to overall health and also plays a crucial role in breastfeeding. It's important to drink enough water throughout the day to support your body's functions, including milk production. Aim to drink at least eight glasse

So what's the deal with postpartum doulas?

     After nine wonderful years as a postpartum doula , the question, "A postpartum doula, what’s that?" still echoes in my ears. It's a journey filled with heartwarming moments, sleepless nights, and an unwavering commitment to supporting new moms. This blog isn't about tooting my own horn; as I hope to demystify the role of postpartum doulas for those who may not have encountered this invaluable resource yet.  A Night in the Life of an Overnight Postpartum Doula   Picture this: I arrive at the homes of usually very sleepy parents, ready to embark on a night of care and support. We have conversations about their baby, nightly routines, and feeding habits. Together, we plan the night—deciding whether the baby will be bottle-fed by me or nursed by mom and I offer to tackle tasks like folding baby laundry, sterilizing bottles, or preparing snacks for the tired mother.   Adaptability is key; I set up wherever the parents feel most comfortable, be it the nursery, livi

Postnatal support across the pond..

Last year, I had the pleasure of connecting with Vickie Bowles, a UK baby nurse and founder of The Baby Academy , on LinkedIn. Our shared perspective on sleep training led us to a Zoom call and the idea of co-writing a blog post on postnatal support in the first ten days at home for new parents in the UK and US.   In the UK and US, postnatal support can vary greatly, but there are some common themes when it comes to providing support to new parents in the first ten days at home. Here are five top tips for postnatal support:   Take care of yourself: While it's easy to focus all of your attention on the baby, it's so important to remember to take care of yourself too. Make sure you're getting enough rest, nourishment, and support. This may mean asking for help with household chores or getting some additional support from friends or family.   Get to know your baby: Each baby is different and has their own unique needs. Take the time to bond with your baby and learn their cues

Navigating my path to becoming a Postpartum Doula: My personal experience

When I graduated high school, I thought I had my future mapped out. I had always been fascinated by the beauty of pregnancy and believed that becoming an Ultrasound Technician would be the perfect career for me. However, as I began my studies to become a Medical Assistant, I discovered my true passion for patient care and nursing. I had chosen the medical assisting program as a steppingstone to a sonography career, but it ended up being the starting point for a new journey.     After completing my program, I gave birth to my baby girl and made the decision to put my career on hold to focus on being the best mother I could be. I took on a live-in nanny position while my husband was stationed overseas, and it was an incredible experience to be able to care for children while also spending time with my own baby. This experience reinforced my desire to help others and solidified my decision to become a postpartum doula.